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Wedding DJ at Preston Grasshoppers RFC

Posted on 12 April, 2018 at 6:27 Comments comments (14)
Enjoyed a wonderful Wedding Reception at Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Club recently for Mr and Mrs Shaw.

Craig sent through a lovely review stating, "I can't thank Glynn enough for his super service, from initial meeting and planning, to advise and assistance, and finally his result on the night, compliments from the guest after the wedding on what great service, and music Glynn offered. Thank you Glynn. You'll be booked for all future events".

Wedding DJ at Preston GrasshoppersWedding DJ at Preston Grasshoppers

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How and when should you book your DJ?

Posted on 6 September, 2017 at 6:14 Comments comments (330)
Booking your DJ seems to cause a huge problem for many people.

I'll start with when as how has a very long answer!

Many Wedding sites and guides seem to suggest three to six months in advance. Unfortunately, and whilst I may not please a lot of Brides to be, this information is absolutely rubbish!

We have just turned into September and my diary for 2018 is already a quarter full for weekends (i.e. Fridays and Saturdays) with some bookings having been taken over twelve months ago.

For Christmas events in December 2017, I was fully booked by the first week in February. A massive ten months before!

I am amazed to see people leave things so late. If you have an event in the planning and want a high quality DJ this should really be one of the first things to book. It is not only recommended for Weddings and Corporate Events but for general parties such as a birthday or anniversary.

The date of those involved won't change so why leave it to two weeks before only to discover that I'm fully booked?

The reality is you should be booking anywhere from twelve to eighteen months in advance and if your event is annual - as a few of my clients are - you should be booking as soon as your event finishes.

So what about how you select your DJ?

There are many factors in this. Firstly, it's not your everyday thing such as buying bread or milk and perhaps you may even be doing it for the first time. Secondly, there can be the lingering attitude that a DJ only plays music and, finally, there is the problem of cost - how expensive should a high quality DJ be?

I have worked as a professional DJ for twenty years. I have worked in all types of venues from nightclubs to community centres and hosted all manner of events from black tie corporate awards and Weddings to toy shop fun days and sporting occasions.

During my career I have been lucky enough to have seen my work take me across Great Britain - I was even offered work in Greece and Ibiza many years ago but turned them away simply due to them only offering the equivalent to £50 a day (for seven days a week work) when I was already bringing in £300 a week for two nights work!

Back to the question.

Firstly, Don't jump in to a booking!
When looking to book a DJ, I have had many examples of people who jump at the first quote given - even if they have made contact with the said DJ on a Friday or Saturday night! The truth is the better DJs will be out working these nights and shouldn't have the time to be taking on your booking. Have patience and don't jump in just because you've found a DJ who can answer the telephone at 9pm on a Friday or reply to your email at 8pm on a Saturday. Remember, if these DJs are actually working, ask yourself: "Why are they on their phone/laptop when they should be paying full attention to the job in hand? What if they were doing it at my event?"

Finding the right DJ is crucial too. I have many, many recommendations - twenty years worth of reviews, twenty years of moving with the times and still filling dance floors. There are new DJs - there always will be and I applaud those making a proper effort to learn about music and genres and the most important part - using a microphone and speaking clearly. Which takes me onto my second point.

When your job entails dealing with an office of 20-30 sober people you may not realise that it's quite simple to convey a message, send them an internal email or quickly nip for a one-to-one chat. Now put yourself in my shoes: dealing with 150-500 drunk people some of whom have been on the go all day! Being able to stand in front of a crowd and talk clearly and confidently is key to your DJ being good. In my job, I will need to give clear messages, running orders and general announcements ensuring that I have the attention of the room.

Most events will have a period when guests have an arrival and drinks reception where there is no dancing. They will have a buffet or meal which can last from half an hour to nearly two hours where there is no dancing. They could have speeches where there is no dancing. So consider that when booking - "I want all my guests dancing all night long" is never going to happen but realistically having all your guests enjoying the evening with a DJ playing the right music and making clear announcements is what you are looking for.

Peter Kay has given mobile DJs a bad name. Everyone now considers that we mumble along and sing over songs. There are many that do but I'm not one of them. Having worked in radio and on television and learned from some of the UK's top party and club DJs of the late 90s - it is amazing how many times I am acknowledged for my microphone style.

Finally, that all important one... Cost!
There are many different types of DJ and many different standards of DJ. Technically a Kia and a Mercedes do the same job but you would prefer to drive around in a Merc than a Kia and that is the same in all walks of life. You need to pay for good quality.

One of my many gripes is that I was earning £600 a night twelve years ago. The DJ industry has been dragged down by those willing to work for £50 or £60 or as I see it - beer money!

The chances are these DJs are not insured their equipment has never has a Portable Appliance Test and they are going around picking up 'easy money' because people believe that's what a DJ should get.

I have noticed it more when I have taken on a booking where they have recently been to a party and then insist on a 'playlist' because the DJ at the said event was awful. My job is not only to convince these people to trust me but also to justify why I'm five times more expensive!

My job is a PROFESSIONAL DJ. It is my full time employment. I work daily meeting clients, going to venues, listening to the newest music (some of it is awful, I'll admit, but I have to keep up to date!). I don't combine it with a 9-5 day job and do some moonlighting at the weekend and, therefore, I can dedicate more of my time to each and every event I have along with providing a seven day a week DJ service not dictated to by needing to leave my day job!

A DJ does not get two chances to get it right. If you book cheap, use an agency who could send you anything or John from marketing who does for a really low price just to top up his income and it goes wrong the finger of blame can only be pointed at one person.

This is why I will cost a lot more but it is also why I will ensure your event is professionally hosted with the right music played at the right times with the occasion running exactly how you want it to go without you missing out on the party as you have so much to think about whilst your there. My professional service allows you to relax and enjoy the event as much as your guests in the knowledge that your event is in safe hands.

Book a professional for all your events.

The Rise of Cheap DJs and Quick Fix Agencies

Posted on 9 August, 2017 at 10:54 Comments comments (0)
What do you look for when you hire a DJ?

It’s a very important question when making your decision for a supplier or a venue.

There are some real classic ways that people will try to save money on other areas but the last place you should be looking to go cheap is in the line of entertainment. It seems a topic brought up in many places be it for a Wedding, Birthday or Corporate Event – and I’ve dealt with many clients from all backgrounds with the attitude that either my price is right or I’m too expensive – I’ve never been told I was too cheap, which must mean I have my pricing in the right area for those willing to pay for the most crucial part of any occasion.

The word “affordability” is associated in all aspects of every day life but when you are planning an event make sure the “affordability” of top-class entertainment or DJ isn’t influenced by the fact you’ve got engraved cutlery that no-one will ever notice!

I have worked at events that have quibbled (but then paid) my fee that have then decided to hire a chocolate fountain for £300 for three hours. No-one will remember the chocolate fountain. They will remember dancing and having a good time.

I have had a call from one corporate business that spent so much hiring an elaborate venue that they were scrimping on a DJ as they had hardly any budget left!

I get hundreds of calls and emails each year asking about my services and requesting more information. A large majority of these enquiries end with the important ‘P’ word. While many of my customers see the value in my experience, knowledge and professional approach to DJing at any event, there are a small percentage who are going to make a decision based on price and price alone.

Some excuses I've heard are:
“…We’ve found someone £100 cheaper…”
“…We’re going to use an iPod and the venue’s system…”
“…I’ve found out the hotel offer a DJ as part of a package…”

"I've booked a cheap DJ..."

Every week I need to buy the latest music and fuel to get to gigs, every month I have to pay for my vehicle (insurance and car tax), my Public Liability Insurance and every year my vehicle needs an MOT, all of my equipment needs testing to gain a PAT certificate – all of my equipment, every light, every plug, every cable along with all of my back up gear and more! This doesn’t include things such as expenses on the night with a soft drink or two that aren’t free nor business trips to meet with clients or general office equipment or the upgrading of equipment to ensure my set-up remains smart and sounds good.

Could you do that on £150 a week and make a profit to live from?

"I'm using my iPod in the venue’s in-house system..."

Most venues will have some form of in-house system. However, these are normally designed for background music whilst meals are taking place and struggle when a microphone is plugged in tending to sound distorted. They are not designed to handle music played at a loud volume. You also need to be aware that not all of your guests will like the music you have made on your playlist. They will get bored very quickly.

"The venue offer a DJ in their package..."

If you work out from your £1,200 package what your DJ must be getting after the venue takes out cost of their room hire, daytime meal, evening buffet, staff costs and more – you’ll probably find yourself with a £100-£150 DJ supplied by an agency who really doesn’t care about you but is glad to have the work.

Should you avoid an agency DJ?

Some agencies have a tendency to put in their ‘favourites’ not necessarily their best DJs and won’t take on those who are priced too high for the contracts they have taken on.

I have heard examples where an agency has given the venue a cheap deal to secure a contract and then looked for DJs who will work at a low price for them. Basically the venue opting for the cheapest deal has wormed its way down to the consumer and will lead to them receiving entertainment that is not up to the standard required.

Hire a Professional DJ

What I cannot stress enough about my service is that I am with you from the start. I am there for any planning questions, you would have met me in the build-up in person and we would have put together everything you need and require for your event.

So don’t forget when you’re cutting costs that most of your guests will only remember the last 2-3 hours when everyone cuts loose and this is why you should hire quality entertainment. Don’t compromise on your event by hiring in the cheapest or, in some cases, the easiest option.

Are DJs being devalued?

Posted on 17 February, 2015 at 4:27 Comments comments (182)
I've been having a discussion with many other companies over whether the art of DJ-ing is now a dying art due to apps and laptops.

Over the years, I have always used CD - I admit the current music for the last two years is now laptop based but I use a digital mixing desk for any laptop based songs - and I will continue to use CDs at every event I work at. My reason is obvious. A CD can skip and you can get away with it, a laptop can crash and that ends your night. However, many are prepared to take this risk.

So I have been discussing whether this phenomenon of 'wannabe' DJs is dragging the industry down.

In truth, the answer is a glaring 'Yes'.

In 2004, I was earning around £600 a night for a top nightclub. Working as a mobile DJ, I don't consider charging that price - but maybe I should!

I was reading about a Children's Entertainer who charges £100.00 for a two hour party during the day. So keeping this figure in mind this is £50.00 per hour in social hours with guests that aren't going to be knocking back as much drink as possible!

This 'entertainer' will come along, wheel in a speaker/iPod combi, put on a High Street standard party light, play a couple of games and maybe sing a song from 'Frozen'.

Now, my small package for a Birthday or Anniversary is only double this price yet I will cover a five or six hour period and take an hour either end setting up and taking down professional equipment - who's got it right and who's got it wrong?!

Not only do I do the eight hour on the night stint, I also ensure I plan every party with the guest of honour or, if it's a surprise, with those close to the people involved.

I speak to many people booking Weddings and there is a 60/40 split in those who quibble on a price yet will then spend £350 on a chocolate fountain for two hours, £1,000 on a band for 90 minutes and even over £300 for a photo-booth for a couple of hours that may or may not be used!

Your DJ does not have the option of 'just a couple of hours' - We're there all night ensuring you and your guests have the music you like to create a perfect atmosphere for your Special Occasion.

So back to my original question, 'Are DJs being devalued?'

I think that many people are underestimating the need for a top quality DJ at an event. They hear a price and find someone cheaper as they don't realise the high standards that true professionals set and believe it is an area where they can save a few quid. "You all just play music", is one quote I've heard, which simply is not the case.

It is this attitude which then sees the next development. I have spoken to people planning their Wedding or Special Occasion and heard the phrase, "We went to a party and the DJ was awful..." on so many occasions it becomes quite hard to win them round to the fact that not all DJs are rip off merchants and for some of us it is our full time job.

I've heard others quotes including, "The DJ was dancing on dance floor with guests at a Wedding..." and "The [male] DJ turned up in a tracksuit and went to get changed and came back in a dress for a 21st party. We all went outside and no-one stayed...".

Unfortunately, until everyone gets fed up of parties where hopeless DJs turn up for a quick buck the industry will continue to struggle and, whilst the top quality DJs continue to bring in work from those who've learnt the hard way, someone will always do the job for £40 - but these are the ones at venues the keep on closing and functions that always fail to meet your expectation.

A Wedding DJ's Day

Posted on 1 October, 2014 at 11:58 Comments comments (146)
Many people believe that a DJ will turn up, play music, fill a dance floor, say a few things on the mic, pack up and go home.

In reality, it is a lot, lot more when you are booking a professional and dedicated DJ who lives by their profession and doesn't get do it for beer money!

In May this year, we were booked to work at a Wedding in August at Southport Theatre and Convention Centre.

So how did we prepare, set-up and work at this event?

Well, it start with a one hour no obligation meeting to showcase what we could do and how we could fit in the budget of the couple. (1 hour)

After a week, the booking was confirmed and a booking form was printed and posted.

After a phone call to the groom to be that unless the form was returned the booking would be cancelled as we cannot continue to wait passed the confirmation date, we received our booking form back in the self addressed envelope.

A second meeting was then arranged to go through all the details in preparation for the big day.
Now we do prefer the meetings to be held well in advance of the day so that we can get a greater spectrum from you and your guests but this was left until two days before as the groom was always "in work".

This meeting again took an hour and all the information then needed typing and sending immediately to ensure the couple had details for their records.

The groom had decided that they wanted a few songs and emailed a playlist one day before the Wedding that took the DJ four hours to put together!

So all in all there has already been seven hours of work put in not to mention postage, phone calls and petrol and we haven't even got to the big day yet!

On the day itself, our DJ started at 9am checking all the equipment and lighting to ensure it was in working order before starting to load up for the evening at around 10.30am and job that takes around an hour.

We're at eight and a half hours now - it's a full days work and our DJ is yet to reach the venue!

Due to access, our DJ arrives at Southport Theatre and Convention Centre at 6pm - half an hour before the Wedding Breakfast is due to finish - and discovers that the Wedding is running about half an hour late.

So after waiting round for an hour, he is then allowed to unload and move equipment to the first floor where the room is situated and begin to set-up.

The set-up required was a standard eight-light Wedding set-up, although a cross bar was required due there being a stage for a band - extra wiring job!

In all the set-up took around an hour (rushed) so that guests could start to access the room for the Evening reception.

At 8.00pm, our DJ plays the first songs of the night welcoming guests into the room.

The reception lasts until 1.00am and the take down then begins.

With it being on the first floor, there is the added time of moving equipment in and out of a lift.

The final piece of equipment is loaded in by 2.15am and a short journey home before it all needs to be unloaded - a job that is complete by 3.00am.

So, from leaving the house at 5.45pm to actually being back home and unpacked it's been nine hours fifteen minutes already adding to the eight and a half hours that have already been put into the day before he started!

That gives a grand total of seventeen hours and forty-five minutes for a Wedding Reception for the Evening ONLY - with professional preparation and set-up.

You may only see the five or six hours as a resulting product but if it wasn't for all the extra work that went in around it, we would not have produced such good quality feedback.

Wedding DJ

Posted on 28 September, 2014 at 7:26 Comments comments (162)
Being a Wedding DJ may sound like an easy job!

People can see (and will see) a 'DJ' turn up shove up two speakers and a couple of lights, plug in a lap top and off they'll go

We have always worked with the professional attitude that this is never the way to do things.

Every set-up we put together for a Wedding Reception is designed to befit your Wedding and your budget.

Our Wedding preparations don't start with a simple 'turn up on the night' attitude. We build your Wedding Reception with you - helping you along the way to ensure you have the perfect day.

We don't just offer a DJ. Our DJs are fully trained public speakers, who work in radio and are fully trained radio and television presenters.

This enables our DJs to be the most professional Master of Ceremonies you could hope for on your big day.

Your chosen DJ will hold a face-to-face meeting with you and your partner to informally discuss things that you would like on the evening. We give suggestions about how you can help make it a dream reception.

All bookings are guaranteed - you will not be chasing us round at the last minute as we are in constant touch with you as you prepare for your Wedding Day.

On the day itself, we can be there all day as your Master of Ceremonies or as your evening DJ and MC.

Our evening set-up is based on what you would like. We offer various Wedding Packages depending on lighting, uplighting, backdrop curtains, big screen hire and more.

A question we get asked a lot is whether we offer a discount as there is a band on. Simple answer is no. The reason is quite a simple one. It is not a matter of packing up and sending a DJ to another venue whist your band is on!
Your DJ will ALWAYS be on site during your Wedding Reception and, if there are any hi-coughs with your band, they will be there to ensure your night continues!
The other issue is that during this period, your DJ will be going round and speaking to guests and taking requests - so they are still doing a job.
To put it in perspective: An office worker is told that for an hour another worker will be doing their job but you will be required to stay on site and be there for any problems. During this period you will not be paid. Would you see this as fair?

So how do we differ from a DJ who will do it for £150?
We are a professional company. This is not a hobby or an extra job in the evening.
This is ALL of our DJs full time employment so your Wedding is constantly worked on.
Our set-up is tailored to befit a Wedding.

You will see a lot of DJs advertise and show how brilliant they are. We ask you to have a VERY good look at their photographs and ask yourself:
Can I see any hanging wires?
Are wires wrapped around poles?
Are there trailing wires across the floor?
Is all their equipment on view?
Have they got unsightly plugs?

Then take a look at our photographs.

Our set-ups are designed to ensure wiring is hidden from view, to avoid resistance wiring isn't wrapped around poles, any wiring that needs to be taken across a floor is taped down neatly, our equipment is behind a professional DJ booth and there are no unsightly plugs.

When you add our brilliant set-up to a package that includes a professional DJ then you can see that with us you are getting a truly great deal.

Coming soon we'll show you how long it takes to work for a Wedding Reception - when it's done professionally!