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Southport, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Glynn Tee - Professional DJ


Tel: 01704 531241

Resident Club DJ / Resident Bar DJ

With a huge background in Club DJ and Bar DJ work, I am an ideal disc jockey to bring in to cover your regular DJ being away or to hire for a long term residency.

As a DJ based in Southport, I cover Cheshire, Cumbria, the Fylde Coast, Lancashire, Merseyside, North Wales, Sefton, Shropshire, Staffordshire, the West Midlands and Yorkshire incorporating major towns and cities including Birmingham, Blackpool, Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and Wigan as well as surrounding areas and nationwide UK coverage.

Broadway Boulevard, Llandudno on a busy Saturday with Glynn Tee - Professional DJ - Club DJ.
Broadway Boulevard, Llandudno on a busy Saturday with Glynn Tee - Professional DJ - Club DJ.

Although I have a lot of private bookings, I am open to residency work across the UK for nightclubs of many genres.

I established myself in the late 1990s and early 2000s as a national award winning DJ and have worked at many prestigious clubs around the north west, north Wales and major cities in the UK and am open to talk about providing long term or seasonal residencies to a venue.

I have covered many leading nightclubs and bars in the north west, north Wales and over the UK including:

  • Alchemy, Chester

  • Archies, Prestatyn
  • Bar Blu, Rhyl
  • Bliss, Rhyl
  • Broadway Boulevard, Llandudno
  • Centenary, Wrexham
  • Club Zinc, Rhyl
  • L1, Liverpool
  • Main Street, Towyn
  • McAuley's, Manchester
  • Scruples, Rhyl
  • Venue, Ruthin
  • Zu, London

Many venues are struggling with foot-fall. Often drink prices are to blame, however, my research has seen that venues who fail to ensure their cliental are receiving the type of night required is equally to blame.

A lot of venues take the cheapest option and find themselves left with an empty bar and an unhappy brewery or closed down after a couple of months. I will admit that I am not a cheap DJ but I have a wealth of experience in the business and if you want to male your venue the best around then look no further.

Broadway Boulevard, Llandudno on a busy Saturday with Glynn Tee - Professional DJ - Club DJ.
Broadway Boulevard, Llandudno on a busy Saturday with Glynn Tee - Professional DJ - Club DJ.

A resident DJ should be able to respond to customers' and staff requests whilst working inline with the manager's and venue's requirements. Presenting a great night to enhance the reputation of a venue is a key aspect of being a good resident DJ and I have an enhanced experience in marketing and promoting superb nights of entertainment.

I have the ability to provide the music required by your venue depending on the clientele you wish to encourage into your premises.

From current chart, RnB and dance to 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s or a mixture of everything for the ultimate party bar feel. I will always use my knowledge to maximize the potential within your club and bar with a great mix and flow to your nights, engaging with your customers to build a fantastic atmosphere that will give you the best night in town.

Your venue will also benefit from my large social media following from across the UK.

Broadway Boulevard, Llandudno on a busy Saturday with Glynn Tee - Professional DJ - Club DJ.

No bookings for residency work are taken without a contract and any verbal agreement is taken as your consent that you will be fulfilling the contract. This includes your resident DJ seeking cover in any form. You, as the venue, will be contacted and liable for any agreed fee.

To enquire about my availability and prices, fill in my Online Enquiry Form, email [email protected] or telephone 01704 531241.

Further details of how I make sure your booking is secure is available on my Booking Procedure page.

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