DJ Glynn Tee

Multi Award Winning Wedding and Event DJ based in the North West of England

DJ at Southport Masonic Hall - Wedding DJ at Southport Masonic Hall

Situated on Duke Street in Southport, Southport Masonic Hall offers a grand venue for your event.

However, the bar is situated in a separate room from the function suite, the toilets in the opposite direction to the bar and any smokers needing to wander to the car park, it can lead to guests coming quite dispersed during an evening rather than compacted to the one room.

The function room itself will not hold a large number of guests and provide amply floor space for a dance floor and the DJ set up area is on a very cluttered stage area.

I have worked at Southport Masonic Hall on one previous occasion - I have been booked three times but the other two clients switched venue due to amount of invited guests - and I have two forthcoming Weddings booked in for 2018 and 2019 so hopefully I will have a more enhanced detail of photographs in the coming years.

Photographs taken are from a 50th birthday working alongside JK as Robbie Williams.